God’s Time for Moms

This bible study is for stay-at-home moms.  Knowing that it can be a challenge to make God the most important part of one’s day as a busy mom, we’d like to grow in the Word with you.  The goal of the group, God’s Time for Moms, is to study God’s Word together as a group, but also individually in our daily lives.  While meeting, we also hope to build our friendships and those of our children.  Below are more specific details about this bible study group.

What are we studying?
We will be going through a short devotional from Cherished Gifts: Devotions for Moms by a Mom .  Contact Joanna Buchik (contact info below) for more information.

When do we meet? Currently we are meeting on the first Thursday of the month.

Where will we meet? We meet in the homes of moms, at the church, or a local park/coffee shop. 

Who leads the study/discussion?  Joanna Buchik is leading the study, but other moms who are members at Lord of Life Lutheran Church may also be leading some of the classes.

What about the children? Please bring them along!  We know it may be challenging to dig deeply in the Word while the children are around, but we do our best.  Your child may bring a favorite toy along if you'd like.  

Questions? Contact Joanna Buchik @ jojogeiger@hotmail.com